...has always been a speciality of mine from cakes to delicate German Christmas Biscuits, thanks to my German mother. I have many fond memories of cooking Christmas biscuits and cakes in her kitchen with all the family which is still something we do today. After working for two years under Skye Gyngell, who I am indebted to for my growth in knowledge of the food world and in the beauty of seasonal and local food, I have returned to my true passion baking. I have been to Germany a few times, once working in a proper German bakery (Hinkel in Dusseldorf) and for a one week cake baking course, where I improved my baking skills, making delicious streusel cakes to a beautiful Schwarzwaelder Kirsch Torte, and wonderful German breads. by e-mailing me you can have these delicious cakes and sweet treats delivered straight to your door.
   The Biscuit Tin 
For decorated sugar cookies for any occasion; Baby shower, Hen Party, Company Launch.... or German biscuits or gooey cookies, please E-mail to find out what I offer and prices.
Cake Shop
I love cakes!  Whether you’re looking for a cake for a tea party or for a particular  occasion, Weddings, Birthdays, Hen Parties, Christenings . . . I am here to create the perfect cake for you. I can do anything just E-mail me to talk cakes! Contact us

Chocolate fudge cake
Victoria Sponge
Carrot cake
The best banana cake ever
Red Velvet
Lemon drizzle
Courgette cake - (If there is a glut in the garden)
German biscuit cake
Schwarzwaelder Kirsch Torte
Streusel Cake -cheese or with seasonal fruit 
Grandma’s Cheesecake 
Cup Cakes

And many more just ask .....
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Payment is via bank transfer, or cash.

Cakes/Biscuits are delivered once payment has been received. 

There is an additional delivery cost dependent on where you live within Greater London/Oxford.